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  Saw blades made of two metals, specifically carbon steel saws and high-speed steel saw teeth. Used for cutting pipe fittings, solid bodies, wood, plastics and all machinable metals. Compared with single-metal saw blades, it has higher heat resistance and wear resistance, and has a longer life. With high flexibility, it can effectively avoid breakage and damage during cutting. Below, Xiaobian recommends a high-quality alloy band saw blade for your reference.


  The bimetal band saw blade is a high-tech product processed by a series of processes such as electron beam or laser welding, machining, and heat treatment, which uses two different kinds of steels (high-speed steel and backed steel). It is an industrial consumable that is used for metal cutting with a band sawing machine. Band sawing is one of the mainstream cutting methods currently used. The range of cutting objects is extremely wide, including all kinds of steel and non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum.


  Bimetal band saw blades can be divided into high-speed steel bi-metal band saw blades and hard alloy band saw blades according to the material selection and production process. The former is a bimetal band saw blade obtained by welding two kinds of alloy steels using a laser or electron beam welding process, which is processed by tooth milling, tooth splitting, heat treatment, and the like. Backing materials mainly use spring steel, and tooth materials mainly use high speed alloys. steel. The latter mainly uses cemented carbide as a tooth material. Due to the large difference in material technology, the price of carbide band saw blades is 7 to 9 times that of high-speed steel band saw blades.


  Under the premise of no major changes in the domestic economic fundamentals and the status quo of the industry, it is expected that the bi-metal band saw blade industry will continue to maintain a growth rate of approximately 15% in the next 3 to 5 years. It is expected that sales in 2018 will reach 84 million meters, according to 45 The average price of yuan/meter is estimated to total 3.78 billion yuan.


  With the further promotion of urbanization and continuous development of the manufacturing industry, the domestic market for double-metal band saw blades will continue to grow. At the same time, market competition will also become increasingly fierce. In the next few years, there will be a trend of concentration of market shares to dominant companies, and the market share of local brands will increase further.


  Grinding process and inspection process of alloy saw blades


  A. After grinding the saw blade, first, all saw blades are soaked in warm water at 50 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, then cleaned, rusted, and processed for initial visual inspection.


  B. Then use the angle table to check the angle, including the detection of the rake angle, back angle and side angle of the tooth (see if there are cracks, missing corners, etc.), then zoom in on the precision projector by 50~100 times to determine The original angle of the sawtooth and the wear condition of the saw blade, such as the smaller angle of the teeth, can be used to increase the amount of grinding to reduce the grinding cost of the customer (in principle, my basic amount of grinding is to take ten serrations each time).


  C. If there are carbide teeth (tungsten steel cutter head) need to be replaced, then the German KAHNY automatic welding machine for tooth exchange operations.


  D. The next step is to perform stress correction of the saw blade. This step is a critical process for saw blade grinding services. At present, at least 95% of the domestic grinding manufacturers cannot perform stress correction and need to have very rich experience. Senior engineer to complete the saw blade in the process of high-speed operation, under the action of external forces, the saw blade's stress has changed, the saw blade's side accuracy has a large deflection, so there will be larger saw road, rough surface Large burr, etc., stress adjustment is required to be more than 2 times, if you can adjust to the standard range (this standard refers to the Japanese saw blade production standards, that is, the side of the saw blade accuracy), then enter the next A process; on the other hand, if grinding is required, perform the best efforts to correct and precision grinding again, and use the idea! Saw blade grinding is performed in two batches. First, coarse grinding is performed using a 200-grit Japanese imported diamond grinding wheel, and then 600-grit grinding wheel is used for more precise grinding.


  E. The next step is to check the vibration rate. The qualified saw blade will be further processed according to the step B. The final inspection will be performed. After it is fully qualified, it will be placed in the waiting delivery area. The worksheet will be handed over to the business to complete the entire grinding process.


  Of course, this standard cannot be achieved in the general grinding process, so it can only be operated by its own visual inspection and senses. Oh, the main thing is to rely on and experience.