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  According to the "China's Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Report (2018 Edition)" issued by T-wood Information Consulting, it shows that for a long time, foreign companies represented by Reynolds, Japan's Amada Corporation, and Germany's Weikes have advanced. The production process and excellent product quality occupy the high-end dual metal band saw blade market in China. In recent years, with the development of the production process of bi-metal band saw blades in China, a number of companies, including Taijia New Materials, have mastered the production technology of high-end bimetal band saw blades and have competed with foreign companies in the field of high-end products. However, from the perspective of market share and brand awareness, foreign brand products still have a larger lead.




  Domestic companies gradually occupied the low-end bi-metal band saw blade market with product prices and geographic advantages. Taijia New Materials, Benxi Tools Co., Ltd., Benxi Double Gold Saw Co., Ltd., Hunan Tiancheng Saw Industry Co., Ltd. and other companies rely on advanced technology. The production process and stable product quality have gradually become the leading companies in the industry, and form a certain degree of oligopolistic competition in the mid-end product market. Other smaller market competitors are more difficult to threaten the market position of leading companies due to conditions such as production process, production equipment, product quality, and brand awareness.