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  The thickness of the sawtooth is expressed in terms of the number of teeth per 25mm length on the saw blade. 14 to 18 teeth are coarse teeth and 24 teeth are medium teeth to fine teeth. The thickness of the saw tooth can also be divided according to the size of the tooth pitch t: the tooth pitch of the coarse tooth t=1.6 mm, the pitch t of the middle tooth t=1.2 mm, and the tooth pitch of the fine tooth t=0.8 mm.


  Saw blade thickness selection


  1. The thickness of the saw blade should be selected according to the hardness and thickness of the processing material.


  2. When sawing soft materials (such as copper, aluminum alloys, etc.) or thick materials, coarse-tooth saw blades should be used because of more sawdust and larger chip space.


  3. When sawing hard materials (such as alloy steel, etc.) or thin plates and thin tubes, fine-tooth saw blades should be used, because the materials are hard, saw teeth are not easy to cut, there is less sawdust, and there is no need for large chip space; At this time, the sawtooth is easily caught by the work piece and breaks down. The number of teeth that need to work at the same time is more, and the force that the sawtooth bears is reduced.


  4, medium-hardness sawing materials (such as ordinary steel, cast iron, etc.) and medium hardness of the workpiece, the general selection of medium saw blade.


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