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At present, China's manufacturing industry is facing the adjustment period of the market, perhaps the global economy will have periodic turbulence, but this just gives the Chinese manufacturing industry a chance, through this period of adjustment, it is sure to deal with more challenges in a better posture.

China's machined band sawing machine has made great progress in comparison with the developed countries in the world, but it will definitely surpass them in the future. Even if we do not export, we can guarantee this data only in China's internal economic needs. This is also the case with the application of the bimetal band saw strip. Although the demand for domestic band saw blades is about 40 million meters, the data will be greatly improved after five years. First of all, the performance of band saw products in China has made great progress compared with before. Two, in terms of cost, we have the advantage that foreign countries can not achieve.

Although China is a labor-intensive country, there are many processing enterprises, but in terms of enterprises and production efficiency, there are still great differences with those of Japan, the United States and other countries. In this respect, we need advanced production management mode, and then make use of some equipment and tooling to make up for manpower shortage. The development of the belt saws is gradually intelligentized and numerically controlled, which means that the high performance saw blades are more popular with customers. Through these changes, their functions will be excavated to the greatest extent. In addition, China has begun structural adjustment in some aspects, believing that bimetal saw blades will have certain effects on the industrial structure. Only by taking efficiency and cost line can enterprises continue to grow bigger and stronger.

Bimetal saw blades will face challenges, but more will be opportunities.