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As a kind of metal cutting machine, metal band sawing machine is widely used in machining industry. As the main equipment of the cutting process, the scientific selection and use of the band sawing machine is directly related to the efficiency of the whole processing process and the quality of the product. In the face of many domestic saw machine manufacturers and strange foreign brands. How do purchasing engineers correctly select the specifications and models of sawing machines? How to cut according to the number of workpiece and efficiency requirements. To determine the number of sawing machines purchased? How to obtain the best comprehensive performance-price ratio under the premise of satisfying the efficiency and the workpiece processing quality and how to use the band saw machine scientifically and so on? These are all issues that purchasing engineers need to consider. This article is to do a brief discussion on these issues. In order to achieve the purpose of throwing bricks and attracting jade. 

Band sawing machine as the main equipment of the cutting process, its function is to cut off metal or non-metallic materials accurately and efficiently, in order to carry out the next process of processing.Therefore, the selection of sawing machine. It should be mainly based on the shape and size of the sawed raw material cross section. For example, the G in the G4025 metal band saw produced by Hunan Machine tool Factory means the national standard. 40 refers to a series of products, while 25 refers to the sawing machine can cut the section of the maximum diameter or maximum height of 250mm. In the number of its model. It reflects the maximum size of sawing section. Because of the big difference of section shape of raw material, especially the profile, the section shape is "varied". In the face of this situation, in addition to considering the size of the section. Also should refer to the sawing machine product sample to carry on the lectotype. Of course, these work is only primary, and then should be combined with material, cutting accuracy and efficiency requirements, saw blade consumption and other factors, in order to select a "satisfactory" band saw machine. 
The purchase cost of band-saw machine can be divided into two parts: acquisition cost and use cost. The acquisition cost as a one-time input. Because of the concentration of amounts, buyers are more concerned, and because of price differences, many domestic users tend to purchase home-made band saws. Domestic saw machine manufacturers in recent years continue to increase, price war can not be avoided, and there is a growing trend. At a trade fair, we met with a southern saw machine manufacturer, the price of the saw machine was close to the price of steel of equal weight. This makes peers laugh and cry, but also puzzles purchasers: is the technical content of bandsaws so low? This kind of "sacrificing quality for the market, unscrupulous means to rob the market" approach is very dangerous! On the one hand, it will increase the use cost of buyers, and even make it impossible to produce normally, on the other hand, it will reduce the profit space of sawing machine industry. Manufacturers can not maintain normal production and management, let alone increase investment in research and development. Speaking of low-end sawing machines will increase the cost of use. Mainly refers to the low quality saw machine failure rate is high, accessories are easy to damage and saw blade consumption is high and so on. 
The cost of sawing machine is ultimately reflected in the cost of single-piece sawing of the workpiece. In the band-saw purchase. Its cost of use should be taken into account primarily. It is short-sighted to "throw away watermelon and pick sesame seeds" by focusing only on the cost of acquisition and ignoring the cost of use. This kind of behavior exists in a lot of enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises. The purchasing department does not take into account the opinions of the user departments, but is concerned about whether or not the budget is exceeded. As a result, the lowest bidder won the bid, and the consumption of the saw blade bought back was astonishing and the cost of using the saw blade was very high, thus giving rise to the idea that the user department "could not afford to use the saw blade for the saw machine." Therefore, the key to avoid the above problems is to consider the comprehensive cost performance ratio and pay attention to the cost of use. 
Recall that more than half a century ago, when the band-saw industry reached a crossroads, it faced the choice of two kinds of product structure design concepts: shear type and double column type. Which kind of design idea is the leading direction of enterprise product development is not only related to whether the products sell well, but also related to the survival and development of the enterprise. In the spirit of seeking truth from facts, leaders have decided that the double-pillar structure is more scientific. Although the production process of double-pillar products is complex and costly, its sawing accuracy, efficiency and long service life of products, especially to the direction of large-scale and automation development. 3, the production process is complex and high cost, but its sawing accuracy and efficiency are high, and the products have a long service life. This aspect is the shear structure saw machine incomparable. 
The purchasing engineer shall also give serious consideration to the selection and procurement of additional equipment or auxiliary equipment for sawing machines. In order to improve the efficiency of cutting process, the auxiliary action time of sawing machine should be reduced as much as possible. Such as feeding, sizing, blanking, etc. For this reason, more auxiliary devices should be selected. In this regard, large enterprises are doing better. In order to improve efficiency, they are willing to spend money on the saw machine equipped with many auxiliary devices, such as the purchase of automatic feeding, laser positioning, automatic clamping and so on. Sawing machine can not be separated from the saw blade, the cost of the use of sawing machine is mainly reflected in the consumption of the saw blade. Right now. Metal band saw blades can be divided into two categories according to material quality: bimetal saw blades and cemented carbide saw blades. The M42 bimetal band saw blade is widely used in actual production. The saw blade has high tensile strength and fatigue strength at the back of the saw. Good seismic resistance, cutting performance and wear resistance of the sawtooth are good and so on. Therefore, the utility model has a long life span and a wide application range. The overall performance of cemented carbide saw blade is better than that of bimetal saw blade, and high speed cutting can be realized. It is mainly used for cutting high hardness alloy steel. The price is about double that of a bimetal saw blade. At present the domestic best bimetal band saw blade brand has "AA" brand bimetal belt saw blade, the best cemented carbide saw blade brand is Hunan Taijia produces "Thai saw" series band saw blade, regarding the band saw blade purchase, We agree with the "good horse with saddle" procurement strategy. That is, high-end saw machine selection of imported high-quality saw blade. The pace of CNC machine tool industry products is getting faster and faster. Although the band sawing machine is mostly used in the cutting process, its accuracy and efficiency will directly affect the processing capacity of the next process, thus related to the efficiency of the entire process. Therefore, the high degree of automation, high efficiency of the numerical control band saw machine is becoming more and more popular. Although the numerical control sawing machine is higher than the ordinary sawing machine price on 1: 2 times. But its high efficiency, high precision and labor saving, can create a higher added value for the enterprise. This still makes the buyer of the enterprise feel value for money. 
Finally, from the perspective of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization. Talk about the popularization and use of metal band sawing machine. The popularization of sawing technology of band sawing machine was introduced by the government of our country in 2001.