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Collision welding machine welding band saw strip welding can welding width of 10mm-150mm eas

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Collision welding machine band saw strip welding can welding width of 10mm-150mm 


Lever pressure type saw blade special welding machine

1. Do not need any flux, solder

2. Welding time is short, a few seconds can be firmly welded

3. Low cost and high efficiency.

4. Quality is much higher than traditional silver welding and oxygen welding.



1. quick response, enquiries or questions shall be answered within 12 hours

2.  professional advice helping you get ideal filling and sealing machine for plastic bags

3.  top quality goods with international certificates

4.  prompt shipment by reputed shipping lines with professional documents for goods picking up

5.  24 hours on line after-sale service, removing international purchase worries 


Technical Parameters

Model:                                UN-125-D           

Nominal Capacity:                      125KVa

Voltage:                                    380V

Frequency:                                 50Hz

Output Voltage:                         3.9-9.3V

Welding Width:                           6-162mm

Welding Thickness:                    0.45-1.5

Weight:                                      400kg

Volume:                                      950x520x1100mm

Tempering Output voltage:        3.9V


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