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CNC Circular Saw Four Axis Gear Grinding Machine For Circular Saw Blade Grinding&Sharpening(QG-500)

product type : CNC HSS Circular Saw Blade Grinding&Sharpening Machine

Product specifications :

product material :



The machine captivates through its versatility and ease of use as well as its rigidity and to achieve an exceptional grinding quality. The QG-500 will therefore meet the highest expectations on sharpening HSS circular saw blade.

Programming is done through a large touch screen. Through a clear representation with the help of user friendly symbols, the operation is very simple and all settings are available at a glance. Changes can therefore be made quickly. 


Flexible Use

1] Hook and clearance angle freely adjustable

2] The language of the system can be inter-conversion.

3] One worker can operate 4-5 sets of this machine.



High grinding quality

· CBN deep grinding and extra fine filtration of the coolant

· Precision spacing for tooth pitch accuracy

· Rigid machine, low-vibration direct drive grinding spindle, CBN-abrasive grinding and effective cooling and coolant filtration

· Saw blade bracket at the point of grinding




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