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PCD (Diamond) Saw Blade

product type : Circular saw blade

Product specifications :

product material : Damond


The raw material crystal of the diamond saw blade is the hardest synthetic crystal currently used in woodworking saw. Its hardness is 120-180 times of traditional carbide, the service life of saw blade is 30-50 times of TCT saw blade, saving cost.

It is suitable for wood industry, panel furniture, MDF, particle board, composite structure board, plywood, aluminum etc.

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Notes of PCD Saw Blade using:

Different materials

For hardwood solid wood materials(such as Pine), please carefully use diamond saw blade. For wood-based panels with more impurities(stones and more nailed boards), please use them with caution.

Regular Cleaning, extended life

After a certain period of normal cutting, if there is increased cutting resistance, high noise, black material, tooth glue and material chipping, please remove the saw blade for cleanig(in rust or alkaline water0 for 1 hour. Left and right, use a brush to clean the teeth and the surface of the saw.

Handle carefully to prevent chipping

Diamond hardnees is extremely high, brittleness is easy to collapse, special care should be taken when handling and loading and unloading ro reduce bumps and prevent chipping.

Regular inspection, regular grinding

Regular inspection have revealed that the cutter head has obvious wear and tear or saw blade adhesive, and it is necessary to repair it in time. Avoid blade wear and breakage. According to the long-term experience, after a certain amount of fixed cutting, regular grinding. Timely grinding can maximize the benefits of the saw blade.