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Cutting band saw blade selection

Release time:2019-06-24

It is important to choose a cutting alloy headband saw blade. In general, bundle cutting refers to a plurality of superimposed rods, thin-walled tubes, and light-weight steels having a diameter of less than 50 for one-time cutting. Typically such cutting operations have a very large loss for the band saw blade. It is particularly prone to chipping and pulling.

   The case of bundle cutting is generally solved in two ways. One is to use a band saw blade with a dense tooth shape, such as 4/6p or even 5/8p, and the other is to select a tensile tooth.

   Both types of teeth can be bundled.

   The principle of using the fine-toothed alloy headband saw blade is to sit in the same position, that is, "large material selects small teeth and small material to select small teeth". Generally, the material cutting area of the material for beam cutting is relatively small, so the tooth shape with higher density is selected.

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