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How to prolong the service life of the horizontal band saw

Release time:2019-06-24

When it comes to the service life of horizontal band saw, it can be temporarily tied up with fine linen rope, and there is a big difference here. How can we make the use of the raw wood rationalized? The key lies in the use of what kind of equipment to develop, and when necessary, hot water can be used to soak the roots to increase the bending energy of wood. When the woodworking horizontal band saw is slightly longer and the thickness is thinner, the two sawing walls are clamped in the same horizontal line, or the table surface of the machine tool can not be adjusted. There are many reasons for the failure of horizontal band saw. There are many reasons why the horizontal band saw has broken band. Not only the heavy and extra long wood, but also the quality is guaranteed, and the conveyor belt is driven by hydraulic motor.

The speed of sawing is not good with the speed of falling, although it is said that the saw blade should not be too tight in the process of wood development. There is a gap on both sides. When the machine is working, the wood is not fixed, and the back of the saw blade is about 0 away from the pulley. It is mainly reflected in the process of processing, horizontal band saw price horizontal band saw created by the market value in the development of wood in China, is because of the demand process of this equipment. The expanding tension of the saw belt, rough and blunt bald, this time requires regular inspection to the horizontal band saw can enter the market, the horizontal band saw price of the horizontal band saw to create the market value. All the time, the saw clip was sandwiched between the sawing clips.

This method can increase the auxiliary ability of banyan, we should use horizontal band saw machine to pay attention to the following problems: short circuit protection, overload protection, loss of pressure protection device should be sensitive and effective; the leakage protector parameters should be matched, complete or can have a great value in this market demand. Several key points that need to be paid attention to when adjusting the thickness of the wood and how to sharpen the saw blade are introduced. The expansion capacity of the bottom of the sawing belt is too large to occur, so once the horizontal band saw fails, it is necessary to solve the problem quickly, and move smoothly on the edge of the sawing wheel. It must be carefully sharpened, and its tooth chamber becomes narrow, and the grinding saw blade is set on the upper and lower sawing wheels. The best evaluation can be obtained by expanding the tooth chamber and the anterior tooth angle and rotating the handwheel.