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What is the sharpness of the saw blade

Release time:2019-06-24

Some people think that the choice of the saw blade, as long as the feed speed and the cutting speed can be noticed, in fact, the tooth profile selection of the bimetal belt is also very important, then how to choose the tooth shape of the M42 sawtooth belt?

The sawtooth blade is very hard and sharp. They usually use M42 high speed steel as a material. It is often called M42 saw blade, which is usually used to cut all kinds of metals, so the quality and sharpness of the sawtooth are getting more and more attention when the sawtooth belt is chosen. As long as these indicators are chosen, it is easy to cut metal. In fact, the user ignores another very important parameter, that is, the choice of tooth distance.


If the pitch of the saw blade is too dense, the gap between the saw teeth will soon be filled and the chip is not smooth, so the saw bar is easy to cut and break. The same reason, if the diameter of the material is small, the tooth distance is too large, that is, the tooth will appear the phenomenon of Tooth jump, and the density has strict requirements, which is not conducive to excessive. Therefore, when choosing a M42 band saw, do not ignore T. He has a pitching problem.

For a purchasing manager, it is very important to buy a year's saw blade to understand product knowledge. Half of the solutions often lead to the consequences of sesame watermelon. Therefore, do not neglect the sawtooth spacing when repressing the saw blades again. This is as important as the feed speed and the sawing speed. If you have any technical questions, please contact the hotline. We will win your trust with perfect after-sales service, help you improve the cutting efficiency, reduce the cost of processing, and the most important thing is to improve the service life of the saw blade.